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The National Cowboy Challenge Association is a newly formed world wide independent association governed and strongly supported by a board of directors from all across the globe. 


The purpose of the National Cowboy Challenge Association (NCCA) is a premier organisation for Western Horse Sport. Our mission is to foster a willingly guided partnership between Horse and Rider, Navigating an obstacle course with challenges faced on a day to day ranch while showcasing a truly versatile performance horse, displaying a high level of horsemanship and trust while executed at speed.


The NCCA is dedicated to promoting the sport of The Cowboy Challenge, providing opportunities for riders and horses to showcase their skills, athleticism and horsemanship.  Our Events guarantee to be an adrenaline-filled experience for both participants and spectators alike. Being part of the NCCA is being part of a community that shares a passion for the cowboy way of life.


The NCCA is established as a non-profit with Regional Associations across the world running independent under the NCCA guiding principles, rule book, judging and scoring system, with affiliates in each country where that association is established.


The NCCA is open to all breeds of horses.


NCCA events feature a penalty/credit based scoring system with a starting score of 70 with an additional time score element, the NCCA Judging and Scoring system aligns itself with other major western disciplines to create transparency in judging and scoring.


The horse and rider team is judged on performance, execution and horsemanship applied to each obstacle. With horses receiving credit for attentiveness to obstacles and the capability of guiding their own way through the course, and willingness to respond to the riders cues on more difficult obstacles. 


Credit is given for negotiating the obstacle with style and some degree of speed providing correctness, the safety of the horse and rider and that good horsemanship is being displayed and not sacrificed. 


NCCA events consist of 9-12 obstacles with varying degrees of difficulties based on the level of rider, with a wide range of divisions to suit varying ages and experience levels. 



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