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National Cowboy Challenge Association

NCCA Affiliates are an important and integral part of the National Cowboy Challenge Association, providing local competition opportunities for members all over the world.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming an affiliate of the NCCA


  • Becoming an affiliate of the NCCA will provide you and your members the support of a non profit association governed by a board of directors.

  • The NCCA will support and ensure that the rules of the NCCA are being upheld by all.

  • A central location of recording members points towards World and National High Points in each class.

  • Affiliate and affiliate contact details will be listed on the NCCA website

  • All affiliate NCCA approved shows will be listed on the NCCA website as well as the NCCA newsletter.

  • An Affiliate Handbook along with administrative guidelines and promotional materials are provided to affiliates on approval.

  • Affiliates will have clear competition guidelines and support.

       NCCA provides a wonderful incentive program for affiliates.

  • The affiliate will receive a sponsorship from the NCCA of $250* when an affiliate reaches 40 NCCA members in that year, this sponsorship will be provided at the end of that year for the affiliate to use any way it chooses.

  • NCCA Affiliate Youth Scholarship Program

  • The NCCA will provide an affiliate who has more than 10 Youth members a year with a youth scholarship of $250* that will be provided at the end of the year to be awarded to your end of year Youth Champion and Reserved Champion.

  • Reduced Affiliate only  - Members Annual Fee

  • NCCA Affiliates are eligible for the NCCA Affiliate of the Year awards.

  • Affiliate support provided by the NCCA Board Members from all across the world.

  • Affiliate annual meeting.

To become an affiliate you will need at least 10 people who are current NCCA members in good standing, they can all be new members signing up for your affiliation or existing members.

With those member numbers in place, there is an annual Affiliate Membership Fee of $100*

*Fees are in AUD and will be calculated into your country currency

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